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Synchronizing online catalogues with SyAcc

  • SyAcc pulls product data directly from the ERP module. So, when your products or prices change in SyAcc, it automatically updates your online catalogue and customer price lists.


Making catalogues visible to select audiences

  • Select who has access to your online product catalogues – sales reps, vendors, customers, etc.


Showing specific pricing post log-in

  • Allow customers to see pricing specific to them, including discounts. If they place an order, they can place it directly into SyAcc.


Having customers enter orders into SyAcc via the web

  • If a customer purchases something online without an account, they will be shown the base price. However, if they have an account and they are entilted to special pricing, they will get the special price.


Accessing your online store from any web-enabled device

  • Offsite employees can update, view data and access SyAcc modules using their laptop, smart phone or Blackberry!


Viewing order status and history in SyAcc via the web


Setting up accounts and modifying profiles online

  • New prospective customer can create an online Account, which can be authomatically synced with SyAcc Systems.




  • Avoid rekeying of accounting data

  • Prevent mistakes

  • Keep web info & prices current

  • Automate processes

  • Immediate customer service

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