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  • Multi-level bills of material with multiple revisions and/or alternates

  • Rules based product configurator

  • Configurations can be created during the quotation and/or sales order process

  • Configurations can be built through "smart part-numbering"

  • Work order processing with allowance for by-products

  • Work order logging and shop floor data collection

  • Work orders are fully integrated to sales, purchasing, project management, inventory control, labour management and the general ledger

  • Travel documents can include work instructions, bar codes, design documents and pictures

  • Sub-contract operations handled easily

  • Full production scheduling including both finite and infinite

  • Both forward and backward scheduling available

  • Easily view and modify the schedule through a variety of visual interfaces including bar and Gantt charts and Outlook-style calendars with drag and drop

  • Perform quick capacity analyses to determine staffing requirements

  • "What if" scenarios

  • Just in time material requirements processing

  • Required material can be tied to any operation of a work order for true just in time

  • Determine at a glance what material needs to be purchased to complete a job

  • View instantly the status of a job at anytime

  • Compare actual costs with estimates

  • WIP is available in real-time

  • Flexible overhead calculations

  • "Phantom bills" can be used for automatic removal of raw materials

  • Automatic creation of work orders through various scenarios

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