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SyAcc systems is a total solution based organisation. We supply the finest in business software as well as consultative services and hardware platforms to insure effective and efficient results.


Your Hardware Needs
Whether you require a small or large-scale hardware configuration, our technical services will guarantee top of the line hardware, installed and configured as per your requirements. Whether you require client server platforms, LAN’s, WAN’s, internet connectivity, frame relay or TCP/IP networks, you will be offered an extensive selection of machines and peripherals, at competitive prices.


Your Installation Requirements
During the planning stages our technicians will evaluate your site for the most desirable hardware configuration. We will completely install the processors and peripherals, run the complete cabling including B/X punch-downs; set-up automated back-up systems, fault tolerance, power recovery, etc.


Your Technical Support
SyAcc Systems is truly your one-stop shopping connection. We have both hardware and software experts available to answer your calls. You will get the answer to your problem regardless of whether it’s the hardware, software or a combination of both. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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