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  • Fully integrated inventory

  • Serial number tracking

  • Lot tracking

  • Bin Control

  • User configurable inventory tracking (sizing, styles, etc.)

  • Standard, average, exact, LIFO and FIFO costing methods

  • Up to 25 alpha-numeric characters for part numbers

  • Large part descriptions and multiple descriptions such as inventory, sale, purchase, customer and supplier

  • Supports unlimited units of measure and allows for different UOM tracking for quantities, costs, prices, weights and cubes

  • Bar code labeling and scanning support

  • Quarantine inventory processing

  • Includes branch requests, quotations and purchase requisitions

  • Certificate of Analysis module allows users to track C of A's by lot number either through scanning of documents or through the use of user defined templates

  • Blanket order processing with unlimited blanket releases

  • Linking of sales orders to purchase orders and vice versa

  • On hold and credit check processing for sales orders and invoices

  • Shipping system processing with ability to print multiple documents for each shipment such as packing slips, bills of lading, certificates of compliance/origin, customs documents etc.

  • Extensive pricing, commission, purchase costing and messaging options

  • Automated purchasing

  • Comprehensive landed cost processing

  • Harmonized codes

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