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Flexible access and deployment options

  • Select who has access to view and update your databas


Set-up of separate contact and customer databases

  • Monitor and track separate contact information for sales prospects and customers


Customizable templates

  • Create your own templates for managing contacts, ensuring consistent data entry


A holistic view of customer interactions

  • Share info across sales, marketing, customer service, and support, allowing teams to collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries

  • Easily add documents and create follow-up appointments

  • Access a complete log of customer history (calls made, notes from meetings, etc.)


Managing marketing campaigns and performance

  • Leverage CRM analytics for more effective marketing and sales activities


Ability to send quotes and convert them into orders


Smart phone compatibility

  • SyAcc instantly updates and synchronizes your customer and prospect data, ensuring access to all of SyAcc’s robust CRM capabilities from virtually anywhere


SyAcc’s in-house CRM specialists will ensure a smooth implementation process providing complete training and support. Complete customization is available to match your company’s requirements and to grow with your business needs

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