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Our Belief
Built-in flexibility in the software is crucial to our clients. Our experience indicates that while customers within the same industry may have the same eventual goals, the means by which they achieve those specific goals vary, in some cases dramatically. Only you know your business and the methods of information handling, data entry, processing, etc. that are most beneficial to your success. Our suite of business software modules have been specifically designed to accommodate your particular needs and requirements.


Our Software
Our Software Running under the ORACLE RDBMS, the SyAcc Business Solutions software is representative of what the new object-oriented programming has to offer. It delivers the high-level functionality and low-level control required to build and maintain complex applications. It provides an environment in which our developers use substantially fewer lines of code in preparing customized application segments thereby offering a cost effective scenario to our clients..


Our Guarantee

The software in its entirety has been developed and written by our own developers at our development offices in Mississauga, Ontario. Thus you are guaranteed customization that is both effective and seamlessly integrated into the standard product, not ‘patch work code’ that seems to be offered extensively within the industry and is the cause of poor performance and maintenance nightmares.


Our Expertise

Our staff of developers have field experience in manufacturing, accounting and distribution allowing a useful perspective in developing your customizations. This dedicated team of program analysts designs, tests and installs all customizations. The customization is performed in a timely and expedient fashion and planned in conjunction with your needs and time frame. It is always tested prior to being transferred over to the live system.

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