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  • Track all equipment sold by customer location, model, etc.

  • Find at a glance all service history for a given serial # including billings for a full profit/cost analysis

  • Automatic generation of preventative maintenance work orders

  • Automatic generation of service contract invoices

  • Track multiple machines/problems on a single work order

  • Fully integrated with purchasing, billing, project management, Inventory, labour management and the general ledger

  • Flexible dispatch scheduling with day, week and month views by rep(s) and/or zone(s)

  • The schedule can be easily adjusted through drag and drop

  • User definable states with colour coding for easy recognition

  • Calculation of travel times

  • Integration with MapPoint to allow display/printing of routes

  • Service reps can be on-line with the head office through SyAcc’s remote tablet PC interface

  • Reps can view their schedule, display/update/print work orders, check inventory, etc.

  • Customer signatures can be captured on site

  • Dispatcher has real-time access to actual status of all open work orders

  • Flexible costing/billing from actual times, piece rates, flat rates, etc.

  • View capacities and loads quickly and easily

  • Very flexible and highly customizable service templates allow you to customize the input parameters to your exact specifications

  • Customizable warranty card templates

  • Problem and resolution codes are user configurable by model

  • View instantly the status of a job at any time

  • Compare actual costs with estimates

  • WIP is available in real-time

  • Flexible overhead calculations

  • “Phantom bills” can be used for auto removal of raw materials

  • Automatic creation of work orders through various scenarios

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