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Niagara Fasteners Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of custom and standard fasteners for the Utility, Nuclear, Mining, Construction and Fabrication Industries



"By far the greatest advantage has been the level of support that we receive. When I call SyAcc I speak to a human being, and they usually help me sort out my issues within minutes or hours, not days. SyAcc is something i would not hesitate to recommend. This new system has changed the way we used to handle our processes."

- Dan Higgins


"The first computer system we ever purchased was the classic SyAcc System. It was in 1992 when we had just opened our doors and it served us very well for over 15 years. We developed an outstanding relationship with SyAcc over that time so continuing with them was the only logical decision"

– Jason Boyd

Allgrade Bolt & Chain Inc is a Distributor of fasteners, chain and lifting products for multiple Industries, Operating out from GTA (Mississauga), Ontario

"The system has easily been able to keep up and has grown with us. The entire system has been easily molded to fit our Business. Any report we want, any new procedure in the company, we’ve never had a problem adapting. Simplified our work and created much expected smoothness across all departments"

– Steve Soumakis

Since 1954, TFI has been supplying the best foodservice equipment, customer support and value-added services in the Canadian market. Their customers include most food-chain giants

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